Parler avec toi in Paris

Parler avec toi (Talking to you / Sa vorbesc cu tine)

Auteur/Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Traduction: Philippe Ladet, en collaboration avec Codrina Pricopoaia

Théâtre Le Guichet Montparnasse, 5.1.-24.3.2018

Distribution/Cast: Geoffrey Vernin, Codrina Pricopoaia

Mise en scène/Directors/Regie: Codrina Pricopoaia

Production: Magus Theatre Productions, La Compagnie Galante Paris



The text of Ana-Maria Bamberger, very intelligent, navigates between several genres: the classic comedy, the comedy of situation and a more secretive writing, with psychoanalytic tones.

The staging of Codrina Pricopaia, in a setting of joyful abstraction (night-colored walls crossed by colored arrows), plays very skillfully on the gap that separates the characters and the connections that are made suddenly.

Geoffroy Vernin excellently interprets the unhappy lover who brings misfortune: in a precipitous rhythm, subtly neurotic, with a still clear diction, he accelerates the impulse of words of love and disenchantment. He is always in the posture of unobtrusive suffering, which makes him so true, so universal and so funny. In the role of the be-loved and un-loved woman with less text and a lot of silence, Codrina very finely creates an attitude and a game of waiting, of mysterious benevolence, of a thousand contained thoughts which will never be expressed but are there in the silent and troubled spirit of the character; it's of an aerial sensuality!

This show is a real surprise and a real joy!

Gilles Costaz, WebThéâtre


A truly thrilling show fueled by the talent of two brilliant actors: Codrina Pricopoaia et Geoffroy Vernin.

This love paroxysm of psychologies in crisis teaches a lesson about how to heal passion in the most healthy and useful way.

This is a comedy and a drama at the same time displaying a truly experimental character. There are a lot of people who should see this to clarify in one evening what they may not have solved in many years of psychoanalysis.

Yves-Alexandre Julien, La Théâtrothèque


Note d'intention

La rencontre avec La dramaturge Ana-Maria Bamberger a été l'occasion de découvrir un théâtre très humain, une délicate radiographie des sentiments.

Grand plaisir que de pouvoir travailler pour la mise en scène de la pièce " Parler avec toi"! Sous couvert de comédie romantique, j'aurai l'occasion de "scanner" le "corps" déformé d'une histoire d'amour.

Je mettrai l'accent sur la psychologie des personnages qui permettra une vision sous loupe des sentiments tels l'appartenance, la possessivité, la dynamique du couple souhaité fusionnel. Parler avec toi me permettra de cogiter sur une conception absolutiste de l'amour et ses possibilités de réussite au quotidien.

J'imagine deux plans distincts, celui de la femme et celui de l'homme avec une évolution de la lumière. La création lumière aura donc une grande importance ainsi que l'évolution de quelques objets de scénographie.

Codrina Pricopoaia, Metteur-en-scène


Director's note

Meeting the playwright Ana-Maria Bamberger was the occasion to discover a profoundly humane theatre, a delicate radiography of feelings.

What greater pleasure then to be able to work on staging the play 'Talking to you' !
Under the cover a romantic comedy, I will have the occasion to „scan“ the deformed „body“ of a love story.

I will place the accent on the psychology of the characters, which will allow a magnified vision of feelings such as belonging, possessiveness, and the dynamic of an apparently perfect couple.
'Talking to you' will allow me to investigate the absolutist concept of love, and it’s chances of success in day-to-day life.

I am imagining two distinct plans, the one of the woman and the one of the man, with an evolution of the light. The creation of light will be of great importance in this staging, as well as the presence of some scenographic accessories.

Codrina Pricopoaia, Director