The Portrait of Donna T.

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Synopsis: Asked by a mysterious admirer to make a portrait of famous older actress Donna T., David is reluctantly allowed to take a seat next to her and the dialogue to begin. Moments of her life and of his, both sad and funny, moments of remembrance, of loss, of understanding and tenderness arise to reveal two existences intersecting each other in the same orbit.

Synopsis (français): Approché par un mystérieux admirateur pour faire le portrait de la célèbre actrice Madame T, le jeune peintre Marius David parvient, après maintes réticences de celle-ci, à la convaincre d’accepter - et un dialogue surprenant s’initie. plus

Synopsis (deutsch): Donna T. probt für sich allein eine Rolle, bei sich zu Hause, umgeben von zahlreichen Insignien einer glänzenden...mehr


Duration: 1h10

Cast: 2 actors (1F, 1M)



2013 Bucharest Teatrul Mic

2012 Bucarest Teatrul Mic & National Tours

2011 Prague ABC Theater

2011 Bucharest Teatrul Mic

2010 National Tours Romania (Teatrul Mic Bucharest)

2010 Bucharest Teatrul Mic

2009 National Tours Romania (Teatrul Mic Bucharest)

2009 Bucharest Teatrul Mic (Little Theatre)

2008 Bucharest ArCUB Theatre

2008 Germany EuroCentral Theater Bonn

2007 Bucharest Nationaltheatre Radio, UNITER AWARD, Best Radio Production

2007 Tel Aviv, Israel (Staged Reading, Tour)

2005 Bucharest Literature Museum/Theatrum Mundi



"Not to be missed" - Bonner Rundschau

"Full of tension" - Bonner Generalanzeiger

"Burst of applause" - Evenimentul Zilei

"Applause like a hurricane" - Jurnalul National

"Wonders still happen in Theatre" - Ultima Ora, Tel Aviv

"A play of a quality rarely to be seen" - Cotidianul


Represented in Germany by: Felix Bloch Erben/Desch Theaterverlag