Talking to you (Parler avec toi / Sa vorbesc cu tine)

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

The play: (Almost) a love story. Meet Patrick and Nina. Patrick can't believe his luck. He falls in love with Nina. And Nina falls in love with him, too. She only has to leave Philippe and they can be together. What could possibly go wrong?

Nina: Is there anything wrong?
Patrick: No. Why?
Nina: I don't know. Then...?
Patrick: Then why did I call, right?
Nina: Well ... we just saw each other?
Patrick: Yes. Well. No. Nothing. Nothing special. I just wanted to... talk to you. To talk to you a bit more. Before you leave tomorrow.


75 min

1 F, 1 M, 1 set (var.)

Production: Théâtre Le Guichet Montparnasse, Paris 2018 

National Theatre Radio, Bucharest 2017



The text of Ana-Maria Bamberger, very intelligent, navigates between several genres: the classic comedy, the comedy of situation and a more secretive writing, with psychoanalytic tones.

The staging of Codrina Pricopaia, in a setting of joyful abstraction (night-colored walls crossed by colored arrows), plays very skillfully on the gap that separates the characters and the connections that are made suddenly.

Geoffroy Vernin excellently interprets the unhappy lover who brings misfortune: in a precipitous rhythm, subtly neurotic, with a still clear diction, he accelerates the impulse of words of love and disenchantment. He is always in the posture of unobtrusive suffering, which makes him so true, so universal and so funny. In the role of the be-loved and un-loved woman with less text and a lot of silence, Codrina very finely creates an attitude and a game of waiting, of mysterious benevolence, of a thousand contained thoughts which will never be expressed but are there in the silent and troubled spirit of the character; it's of an aerial sensuality!

This show is a real surprise and a real joy!

Gilles Costaz, WebThéâtre


A truly thrilling show fueled by the talent of two brilliant actors: Codrina Pricopoaia et Geoffroy Vernin.

This love paroxysm of psychologies in crisis teaches a lesson about how to heal passion in the most healthy and useful way.

This is a comedy and a drama at the same time displaying a truly experimental character. There are a lot of people who should see this to clarify in one evening what they may not have solved in many years of psychoanalysis.

Yves-Alexandre Julien, La Théâtrothèque