Martha, Marina (Poisson et Petits Pois)

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

The play: Warm-hearted & uplifting play about a mother trying to prevent her adult daughter's life from going down the same hill. -> French / -> German


75 min

2 F, 1 set


Production history:

The original production, starring Romanias greatest actress, legendary Olga Tudorache, was a critically acclaimed, multi-award winning sell-out hit for 10 years in Bucharest and on national & international tours; successful productions followed in Romania, Germany & France.
The play (French title: Poisson et Petits Pois), starring Marie-Hélène Lentini, is currently a hit in France, with a sell-out run & rave reviews at the Avignon 2016 festival.



"This play makes you feel good, it makes you smile, it makes you laugh. Our opinion: we adore it!" (La Provence, France)

"Ana-Maria Bamberger has written a universal play. A female duo that works marvelously!" (La Marseillaise, France)

"Touching and funny at the same time - feels really good!" (Vaucluse Matin, France)

"A success beyond any doubt - both regarding the writing and the interpretation. The play not to miss this year at the Festival." (Tous les théâtres, France)

"There is a lot of truth in this play. It is a tender and subtle play, and above all it makes you smile. Marie-Hélène Lentini is stunning as the sarcastic mother." (Publikart, France)

"Sensitive and funny...This play goes right to your heart." (L'Oeil d'Olivier, France)

"Impressive!" (Time Out Bucharest)

"A profound seriousness visible behind biting sarcasm" (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich)

"Deep knowledge of the female soul - endless applause" (Financial Weeks Bucharest)

"Cutting and funny" (Cotidian, Bucharest)

"Moving" (Deutsche Welle, Kultur)

"A remarkable success" (Formula As, Bucharest)



National Award, "Elvira Godeanu" Festival for Olga Tudorache in "Martha Marina"

UNITER Excellency Award (highest Award in Romanian Theatre): Olga Tudorache - starring in: "November", "Martha, Marina", "The Portrait of Donna T."

Excellency Award - Theatre ("Bucharest Celebrities Gala") for Olga Tudorache - starring in: "November", "Martha, Marina", "The Portrait of Donna T."

VedeTeatru Festival Buzau Romania, Special Award

International Festival Davila Interfest Studiotheater, Special Award of the Jury

No. 1 in the Bucharest TheatreTOP (Q Magazine)



2017 Avignon Théâtre La Luna

2016 Avignon Théâtre La Luna (Trailer)

2015 Paris SACD (Sociéte des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques, lecture)

2013 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2012 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2011 New York Davenport Studio Broadway

2011 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2011 National Tours Romania (Metropolis Theatre)

2010 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2010 National Tours Romania (Metropolis Theatre)

2009 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2009 Bucharest Nottara Theatre (Tour Davila Theatre)

2008 Romania Pitesti Davila Theatre

2008 Maifest Festival Cluj Romania

2008 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2007 Bucharest Metropolis Theatre

2006 Germany Düsseldorf (Tour Theatrum Mundi)

2006 Bucharest Theatrum Mundi

2005 Bucharest Theatrum Mundi

2004 Bucharest Theatrum Mundi (Official World Premiere)

2004 Toronto Tournee Karma Productions (Tour)




International: Magus Theatre Productions

Germany: Felix Bloch Erben/Desch Theaterverlag