3 O'Clock

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger

Synopsis: Co-habitation, routine and fixation with the common unharmonious past create a perfect hell from which escape seems impossible for the two elderly sisters Clara and Abelina. A black comedy on family patterns and sibling rivalry with a surprising end.

Synopsis (deutsch): Clara und Abelina sind zwei ältere Schwestern, die nicht ohne einander, aber noch viel weniger mit einander...mehr


Duration: 1h10

Cast: 2 actresses (2F)



2014 Teatrul Particular Brasov, Romania

2012 Teatrul de Comedie and Teatrul Masina de Vise, Bucharest, Romania

2011 International Festival Studiotheater, Award: Best Production

2011 Romania Davila Theatre Pitesti

2010 National Theatre Sibiu, Romania (German Section)



"A lesson in postmodern existentialism" - Argesus Newspaper

"A deadly serious comedy" - Sibiu Standard

"Highly amusing. Thunderous applause" - Süddeutsche Zeitung

"The audience has fun watching the two sisters quarreling" - Münchner Merkur


Festivals and Awards:

International Theatre Festival for Studio Theatre InterFest and Balcanic Theatre, Pitesti - Best Show Award

Invitations to DAR Jassy Festival; FestCO - National Comedy Festival Bucharest, Romania


Represented in Germany by: Desch Theaterverlag