Welcome to Magus Theatre Productions!

Magus Theatre Productions is part of the non-profit cultural organization Magus Arts and Science based in Hamburg, Germany and is dedicated to producing contemporary theatre in an international context.

Since its inception in 2008, Magus has been implicated in a large number of acclaimed productions, collaborating with prestigious partners in Germany, France, UK, and Romania, the resulting shows being shown in theatres such as: Tristan Bates Theatre London, White Bear Theatre London, Marlborough Theatre Brighton, Theatre du Petit Hebertot Paris, Thea La Luna Avignon, Davenport Studio New York, Kontraste Theatre Hamburg, Vagantenbühne Berlin, Lichthof Theatre Hamburg, Nottara Theatre Bucharest, Comedie Theatre Bucharest, National Theatre Bucharest, National Theatre Sibiu, Classic Theatre Arad, Davila Theatre Pitesti, etc., receiving multiple awards.